Episode – Choose Your Story – A Guide about Currency in it!

Well, the game about which you are discussing here comes under the category of simulation genre. It is created by Episode Interactive and the same game depends on various types of stories. The game contains lots of stunning and exciting stories in it which depends upon romance, adventure, love, drama and many others also. In these, stories there are lots of characters present and each plays different roles accordingly.

Another major thing which players need to know is that they simply are free to make use of cheats and hacks. Yes, it is totally right that if players simply make use of Episode Cheats 2019. If you make use of these cheats, then you easily get unlimited amount of gems and passes in the game. Not only is this, players simply unlock all types of stories in the game which they want to play.

More to know about Episode – Choose Your Story

So, before going to start the game one should know that players learn all basic concepts about Episode – Choose Your Story. Players need to learn the entire features which are present in it and some of the main features are as follows –

  • The game provides an in-app purchases feature by which you easily purchase anything using your real-life money.
  • The game also includes mainly two types of currency i.e. passes and gems.
  • More than over 1000 different and classic stories present in Episode – Choose Your Story.
  • Gamers are provided with a character customization option by which they simply create or edit their character in the story they play.

So, all these are the best and top-class features of Episode – Choose Your Story which every gamer need to know and then play Episode – Choose Your Story properly.


One of the main things which all players need to know is that in order to play the game in an appropriate manner one should follow all the things which are described above. It is the best option among all to make deal with as to make good progress in Episode – Choose Your Story.