Numerous types of currencies in choices stories you play


The main issue that most of the people face while playing a game is the lack of resources. The reason behind this is initially they spend their entire currency unwisely. Same is the case with choices stories you play most of the players spend their currency initially, and they do not have the required amount of currency at the time of need.

Choices stories you play is the best game that you can play and has a really simple procedure to do it and have the currency. You need t to have all the required knowledge about the currency so to stay safe from issues like this.

Types of currencies

In choices stories, you play there are mainly two types of currency in the game that a player needs to play the game in the right way. Let us tell you some more things about these currencies.

  • Diamond

The first type of currency is the diamonds. It is the premium currency of the game. The main thing the player has to keep in mind is that earning these diamonds is really very hard and the player needs to make sure not to waste them without any reason. They are really important to buy a lot of things in the game. If you waste them, it will be really hard to re-earn it and you can by getting Choices Hack. You have to waste a huge amount of time doing it.

  • Keys

Another type of currency in the game is the keys. They are the primary currency of the game. They are a lot easier to earn than the diamonds. If we talk about the game, then they are hard but not as that of the diamonds. You can easily earn them whenever you start a chapter and move forward in it. The maximum number of keys the player can have is 3. You can also generate these keys as there is a timer in the game that gives the player keys after some point of time.