Let’s have a look on Old School Runescape


If you like to play the Old School Runescape game then without any doubt you should know about the basis rule and regulations to play the game effectively and successfully. This game was tailored in 2013 and but it is the backup of Runescape of 2007. There is an ongoing demand of the player for best tips and tricks to the game effectively and properly as well as for Old School Runescape Hack to pass through the hard time of the game. The details of the game will move you to the success of the game.

Creating account and downloading the game

Firstly, you can download the game in your Smartphone or touch phone. Thereafter, you have to create an account. One more thing for downloading the game and to create an account, you must have latest version of Java or you can download if you don’t have. After completing the step, you can login your detail and enjoy playing the free mode of the game. There are two types of modes:

  • First mode with Silver Star which is for everyone.
  • Second mode is merely for the player who wants to play by paying.

After selection of the game mode, you have right to create login account and do the necessary formalities.

How to get Avatar and start playing

The player of the Old School Runescape game is free and has full control of the character by selecting and customizing according the preferences and choices. As you do all these changes, you can come to know the tips and rules of the game. Different stages and basic equipment lead you to the destinations of the game. Here you can also choose to play with your friends. But if you are the so much expert of playing this game, we recommend you to use Old School Runescape Hack to be the master of the game as it is hard nut to crack for the novice player of the game.

Finally, don’t stop yourself from enjoying the game of Old School Runescpe.